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5 Differences Between Newspaper Classifieds and Online Classifieds

11178200_467510570067665_4686627275684175122_n   News and statistics have it that the world of Internet advertising is fast overpowering the traditional medium of newspaper classifieds. Online classifieds not only exist on dedicated advertisement listing websites like Craigslist, but are also dynamically fed to users as part of SEO campaigns. Here are the top 5 differences between newspaper classifieds and online classifieds that are bringing about the shift in the advertising arena.

1)    Online Classifieds are Generally Cheaper than Newspaper Ones Buying keywords on popular search engines and space slots on relevant websites is often cheaper than buying space in newspaper classifieds. It may however be quite as costly as or even costlier than newspaper ads to get footage on an extremely popular website that many other companies may be competing for.

2)    Online Advertising Let You Target a Specific Audience More Easily With smart online advertising, you can send across your ads to the screens of those who are searching for a related subject. In contrast to generic newspaper classifieds, this is a much stronger way of targeting your best audience.

3)    Web Ads Have a Global Reach Newspaper classifieds have local or at the most national reach, whereas with online classifieds, you can reach out to a global audience. Therefore, if you intend to engage a worldwide clientele, you’ll score far ahead with online advertising than newspaper advertising.

4)    Online Classifieds Can be Made Interactive in Approach While Newspaper Ads Cannot You can build an entire website serving as an advertising base with moderate effort. You can make online classifieds as interactive as you like.

5)    It’s Easier to Assess the Performance of Online Classifieds The ability to calculate clicks and conversions makes it a game to keep track of the performance of your online ads. While performance can still be assessed for a newspaper ad, it is much harder and not as accurate.

In spite of the variety available to sellers and buyers for choosing a suitable platform for classifieds, a number of problems remain unresolved. The most common one of these being, the presence of fake advertisers and buyers. Another lingering issue on online platforms is: irrelevant advertisements being presented to viewers; this becomes an additional cost burden for advertisers and an annoyance for those at the receiving end. By devising more of intelligent advertising strategies, the industry hopes to tackle these issues and further move on to next generation marketing!


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Introducing Fxchng – India’s First Social Classifieds Platform


They say no man can live as an island. It’s exactly why we socialize. Originally, relationships may have been limited to our family, community, school and workplace. But with the modern means of networking, we can develop wider social circles by forging new friendships outside of the people we meet every day.

Relationships from a business perspective – originally businesses were bound geographically, but now the limit of your reach is based on the size of your network. A relationship is a powerful thing, which makes it an asset in the present world.

India’s first Social Classifieds PlatformFxchng, has leveraged the power of relationships through social media in order to reinvent online classifieds. It offers buyers and sellers a platform for interaction, as a result merging friendships and business. And since today’s social spaces are constantly expanding, business opportunities are also increasing.

How Does it Work?
Through the online social web, two people who have never met before can be connected. So if you happen to be a buyer in search of furniture, through the amazing Fxchng technology you can find a seller who happens to be your friend or a friend of a friend. Crazy, right? But is now possible!

For Sellers
Once you’ve signed up on Fxchng through your Facebook account, you can post free ads of the things you want to sell. After posting your ad you can publish and share it in your social circles. This way, not only your friends but your friend’s friends will also see your ad. This way you can reach out to thousands of buyers.

For Buyers
If you are a buyer, Fxchng brings you a variety of products and services to choose from, like –real estate, automobiles, electronics, security, nannies, wedding planners and tons of other cool things. All you need to do is sign up through Facebook, pick your city, select the service or product you want and browse through the listings in your city. Once you settle on a seller, look at the mutual friends you have. Then get in touch with the seller through that mutual friend.

What are the Benefits?
Fxchng works on the same principle as classified ads, but with a social twist. And that is what ensures the following benefits:

Finding Trustworthy Sellers
Before actually contacting the seller you can ask your friends if you can rely on him. This way, you will be able to find a trustworthy seller and even get more information about him and what he’s offering. As a seller, your ad will be seen by your friends and their friends too, giving you a much wider audience.

Get What You Want from Local Sellers
With Fxchng, unlike a newspaper, you can directly get to what you’re looking for. Also, you can filter out the city to which the seller must belong. This way you can weed out the unwanted sellers and items to get to what you want.

Get Reliable Advise
Who would you trust more someone you’ve never met or someone you already know? Definitely the person you know. Through Fxchng, you can obtain valuable advice from your friends about the sellers you’d like to interact with. They can give you an angle that could result in a successful sale.

So the next time you need to post or find free classified ads, think easy, free, social. Think Fxchng!

Fxchng Android App